Dōshi (literally meaning Comrade) is the tenth opening. It was written by Elana Barbadillo. The song is about friendship and working together.





basho dōshi suru koto ga deki shinrai tagaini ga tokoro koko de watashi tachi wa subete no tachi de migi no yō ni nari mashi ta kuru to shi nai koto o doraggu suru anata no ashi anata wa o osore te iru nani no tame ni uso saki jā ike mase n kuru tame ni anata wa sore o kōkai shi rikai suru no ketsugō o okonau to no hitobito o okonau koto de matawa kanō sei ga ari masu shinu koto to naru to onaji yō subete no hito dare ga kimashita suru mae ni rikai suru anata no yūjin to shi nai de sorera o tebanasu


The place where comrades can trust each other is the place where we are all standing at right now. Come on and don't be dragging your feet. Are you to scared for what lies ahead? Well then don't come because you'll regret it! Understand the bonds you make and the people you make it with, or you might end up dead just like all the people who came before you. Understand your friends and don't let them go!


  • This song was inspired by Hero's Comeback and Distance which where both Naruto Shippuden openings.
  • The song was named this because, didn't you read what the message of this series is?

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