Episode 457 script

Naruto: We won't give up!

Madoki: (laughs)

Naruto: (growls)

Modoki: Please stop making me laugh!

Karui: Trust me, I will!

Zagashi: Dark Style: Harness of Darkness Jutsu!

(ghosts appear)

Narai(ghost): Modoki, this time I won't fail!

Modoki: N-narai!

Futami(ghost): You will die even though you're already dead!

Modoki: (Smerks)

Modoki: Release! I knew it was a genjutsu from the start!


Yūhi: Sage Art: Elemental Barrage!

Naruto: Wind Style: God Tornado!

Matoshi: Crystal Style: Crimson Barrage!

Sarada: Fire Style: Million Flame Serpents!

Shikamaru: Million Shadow Stitches 

Modoki: God Style: Raining God Spears

Temari: Ultimate Wind Synce

Modoki: Magnet Style: Magnetic Reincarnation Field 

Darikai: Boil Style: Boiling End Point

Haku: Ice Style: Ultimate Dynamic Ice Mirror 

Naruto: We won't lose!

Next Time: Yin-yang Style: Power of a God Jutsu

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