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Opening 12

Never Give Up




Watashi wa, wareware wa tsuneni jikan ga areru toki, tsuneni akirame, yuiitsu no bakku taore toppu ni noboru itsuka no hitobito wa, issho ni watashitachi o ketsugō shi, sore o tebanasu koto wa arimasen ai o rikai shite hoshi ni tewonobasu to, watashitachi ga aisuru mono o hogo suru koto o nozomimasu konkai wa watashi ga imamade kesshite akiramenai, watashi wa kesshite akiramenaidarou, susumu koto wa dekimasen


I wish that someday people would just understand the love that binds us together and never let it go, reach for the stars and protect what we love, we always climb to the top only to fall back down, always give up when times get rough, but this time I won't ever let go, I will never give up, Never give up


  • The lyrics were inspired by Closer and Sign
  • The singer and writer of this song isn't Japanese, but Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Irish, and Portageese.
  • The singer sang a English remix and the regular since the singer is American 
  • This song teaches you never to give up 

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