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    Shikiraka Chronicles

    July 26, 2016 by Elanagirl

    Shikiraka Nara has some secrets. One of them is she has the Byukugan, though it is unknown how she got it. Maybe, her mother was a Hyūga or maybe, someone gave her them. The Naruto fans and Ninja's Way fans may never know.

    • Hiyata Hyūga
    • Hinabi Hyūga
    • Huyita Hyūga
    • Shinara Hyūga
    • Or Mai Hyūga

    How do we prove it was her mother.....

    • By waiting for the novel about Shikiraka called Shikiraka Chronicles
    • By asking the author(very low chance of finding out)
    • By answering my quiz
    • Or by telling them why you think it's because of this

    • idk
    • Sanama Hirochi
    • Hironai Senju
    • Or someone else
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