Chronicles - Shikiraka

Shikiraka Nara has some secrets. One of them is she has the Byukugan, though it is unknown how she got it. Maybe, her mother was a Hyūga or maybe, someone gave her them. The Naruto fans and Ninja's Way fans may never know.

If it was that her mother was a Hyūga.....

Who could her mother have been.....

  • Hiyata Hyūga
  • Hinabi Hyūga
  • Huyita Hyūga
  • Shinara Hyūga
  • Or Mai Hyūga

How do we prove it was her mother.....

  • By waiting for the novel about Shikiraka called Shikiraka Chronicles
  • By asking the author(very low chance of finding out)
  • By answering my quiz
  • Or by telling them why you think it's because of this

If it was that someone gave her it then who.......

  • idk
  • Sanama Hirochi
  • Hironai Senju
  • Or someone else